The H.O Roe Charity has a duty of care and are committed to the protection and
safety of everyone who enters our premises including children, young people and
vulnerable adults. We also have a duty to safeguard and support our trustees and

  1. All reasonable steps will be taken to protect children, young people and vulnerable
    adults from injury, illness, maltreatment or exploitation at all times.
  2. All trustees will have signed the Trustee Statement of Eligibility form which
    includes a declaration that they have no convictions in relation to abuse.
  3. Safe recruitment practices will be followed.
  4. All hirers must sign a hiring agreement. This will require all hirers using the
    premises for activities which include children, young people and/or vulnerable adults,
    to adopt this Safeguarding policy or produce a copy of their own Safeguarding policy
    and provide evidence that they have carried out relevant checks through the
    Disclosure and Barring Service. This requirement does not apply to private parties
    for invited friends and family.
  5. Hirers must keep lists of names of all paid and voluntary workers with regular and
    direct contact with children/ vulnerable adults.
  6. Registers of children, young people and vulnerable adults attending activities,
    including contact details of parents/carers or next of kin and dates of birth should
    also be kept. These records should be kept securely and updated regularly.
  7. No children or young people should be left unattended at any time or be left in the
    charge of any person under 18 years of age. Any group of children or young people
    must have at least two adult leaders, no matter how small the group.
  8. All reports of suspicions or allegations of abuse against a child or adult at risk will
    be taken seriously and dealt with speedily and appropriately.
  9. A designated person will be appointed to be responsible for child and adult at risk
    safeguarding matters. This person will be responsible for reporting concerns that
    arise to the relevant safeguarding agency.
    The designated person is:
    Lyn Hayes
    Tel: 01462 834165

    E-mail Lyn Hayes

  10. The H.O Roe Charity will carry out an annual review of this policy.

Last reviewed: February 2021